NOTICE! As of August 31, 2022, FirstEnergy will be retiring Meter Profile. Your account(s) will be moving to a new website for added functionality. With smart meters being implemented across the FirstEnergy Operating Companies, your interval data will be available on the new website. Historical interval data will be available on Meter Profile up until August 31, 2022. You will be contacted prior to the company exchanging your meter. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Rep.

Welcome to the MeterProfile Web site


MeterProfile is a Web-based tool that helps you access the data you need to build an informed energy strategy.

Provided for FirstEnergy operating companies' commercial and industrial customers, this tool displays data from your advanced interval electric meter and converts that data into useful graphs showing consumption and power factors.

This information can help you assess your energy consumption patterns with time stamped data generated from your monthly meter reads. Understanding how your facilities use electricity and creating an energy strategy for your business will help control costs in deregulated energy markets.

MeterProfile can help:
  • Determine your energy peaks
  • Monitor your power factor
  • Identify power inefficiencies
  • Find potential energy savings
You can perform site-to-site or month-to-month comparisons, view monthly, daily or hourly profiles and download data - all on a secure site that you access with a unique user name and password.

For questions about MeterProfile, or to inquire about obtaining an advanced interval meter, contact us at, or ask your account manager for details.